Factorio runs on Apple Silicon


wentokio 61d
Are you implying we will go to nuclear war because Biden, whose son Hunter sat on the board of Burisma, the largest natural gas supplier of Ukraine, somehow had something to do with the sabotage of the nord 2 natural gas pipeline, which he said he would make no longer exist and whose corruption investigation caused Trump to be impeached followed by the largest bioweapon attack and lockdowns and mail in vote ballot harvesting resulting in Biden receiving more votes than Obama, arguably the most popular president if all time? No. You're crazy.
techdragon 61d
A lot of this sort of information is surprisingly US centric. For instance, you might find building codes that forbid the sort of "non-exposed" room in residential housing as a health and safety issue due to ventilation or emergency exit or other reasons.

My rule of thumb is simple.

- Know the nearest target.

- Know who might hit it with a nuke.

- Check the NukeMap ( https://nukemap.org/ ) based on who might nuke it and what nukes they are known to have... to estimate the if you even need to care about shelter. If you're too close to the nearest target theres not much you could hope to do without shelter. If you're far enough then you wont need to care about the immediate attack either.

- Missile warning will likely create havoc with transport as people without plans try to suddenly make them. So consider where you spend most of your time during a normal day, and what transport options you have with you then depending on your personal level of paranoia make a decision about the best shelter options based on two things, travel time and level of protection. You should travel for better shelter, but not risk traveling far given the uncertainty of the situation. Just having a basic background understanding of what the suitable shelter would be in your life and this becomes more like knowing where you could hide from sudden rain without an umbrella on a walk down the street.

- Shelter will depend a lot on your local environment, just keep the basic principles of radiation protection in mind. 1st is Distance, 2nd is Mass. If you cant get distance from the radiation source, put mass between you and it. Given that fallout will be dropping from the sky as heavier than air dust, you want to primarily find anything to give you protection against it being blown closer to you horizontally, and maximum distance from whatever roof is over your head. If neither of these are particularly available, prioritise the horizontal wind blown dust, settle for whatever concrete slab building you can find that would afford you some measure of protection from dust blowing in even if the windows and doors were damaged.

- Think of it as extreme, unusual, but also unlikely, weather event. You don't want to get "wet" from the dry rain of fallout dust, you also want to be as far away from it as you can, and don't want it getting tracked/blown inside.

chasil 61d
I don't want to read this.

My memory encapsulates this, before I was born:

"The most important things in this war are the machines... The United States is a country of machines. Without the machines we received through Lend-Lease, we would have lost the war."


My country sustained, and I believe it will sustain again, those who are in need.

It is a dream I have.

mradek 61d
I live pretty close to a US Navy base, and its common for me to hear and see formations of military helicopters like Ospreys, sometimes fighter jets, cargo planes, etc.

I swear that I hear them more often than I used to say 4 years ago (before COVID). It is kind of scary to think about these kinds of scenarios, like if something bad happens what the hell will I do if I happen to survive?

All I have are my parents who live far away, no kids or wife, not a lot of close friends here. I'm also moving pretty soon to near SF, which I hope isn't a target in such a war. I guess it is good that I've been working out. If I survive, I plan on staying alive as long as I can on my own. Damn I don't want to think about this because I don't want to die like that.

Maybe all my time sunk into playing solo DayZ back in the day and surviving against Russians, Chinese, and other players who I didn't understand working together will help, heh. FFS.

sbf501 61d
I went through this when I was a teenager during Reagan's first term, and my parents when through it when they were teens during Kennedy.

This article tones it down to a dirty bomb, and the results closely resemble any natural disaster. Based on what I read about the 2020 fires in CA and Ore., I saw that roads were backed up, store shelves were hoarded, and infrastructure failed. And that was without contamination sticking to everything like and STI. Unless you can avoid evacuation and have done a meticulous job preparing -and- have a shelter, I don't think it is realistic to expect to survive a dirty bomb attack. I was truly, existentially scared when my Mayor announced that we should prepare for evacuation during the fires... because our freeways can't even handle rush-hour traffic. What was I supposed to do with two kids and pets and stores that were already picked clean from the pandemic? I've added more water jugs since (and a small trailer) but I have a low-level fear that no preparedness is going to work long term for something like a dirty bomb, that will eventually require relocation.

anonuser123456 61d
The right way to win a nuclear exchange is to use your nukes on your own population while EMP + dirty bombing your opponent.

You spare your citizens the horror of what a nuclear winter + global fallout catastrophe will look like, while ensuring your enemy suffers through it.

gostsamo 61d
Sit down, put your head between your knees, kiss your ass goodbye.
voidfunc 61d
1. Grab bottle of preferred liquor or wine. 2. Walk towards the bright glowing light.

You (probably) don't want to live in a post-nuclear world.

Cypher 61d
It's terrifying to see the glee in the eyes of our leaders as they take us up to the gates of hell.
Animats 61d
This is timely.

Putin cannot afford to lose a war or to lose Russian territory. Putin is only president for life. No Russian leader has personally survived such an event, all the way back to the tsars. Faced with that history, he is more likely to use a tactical nuclear weapon than give up power.

TekMol 61d
Is there any information out there, how the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia against Ukraine would change the war?

Every news station is talking about this possibility now. But I cannot find a single analysis of how likely it is.

And how likely it is seems to depend on the effect these weapons would have on the situation on the battlefield.

But I cannot find any info on this.