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Intel announces new FPGA families



foft 60d
If anyone is Intel in reading this, please can you provide a lead-time for the low end FPGA (e.g. Cyclone V and Max 10) to Mouser and Digikey?

I understand there is an ongoing major chip shortage but it has been over 2 years and historically these were available next day. I'm sure that I'm not the only one waiting for years with finished designs and no information.

I asked Digikey and they told me that Intel do not provide them with good communications, such that they cannot even populate this, never mind to provide a lead time per product. https://www.digikey.ch/en/resources/reports/lead-time-trends

chclau 60d
Following Altera acquisition by Intel, and Xilinx acquisition by AMD, perspectives for many FPGA designers were gloom. There was a general feeling that the two biggies would go to a road where the FPGA is only and add-on or coprocessor for CPU workhorses, for applications like Data centers and ML acceleration.

Well, according to these news from Intel, that's not the case. Intle announces new mid-level FPGAs and even new FPGA to compete with Xilinx RFSoCs

dtx1 60d
Can someone estimate the power of these new FPGAs? Is a MisterFPGA with n64/PS2 emulation in range?
sylware 60d
With a simple, public, open and stable in time hardware programing interface?

I mean not a scam.

anonymousDan 60d
Anyone able to give a rough estimate of how much one of the FPGAs with R-Tile would cost per device for a small order (1-5)? 1k, 10k, 100k? Are they likely to be available any time soon?
amirhirsch 59d
The Intel Direct RF FPGAs are pretty spectacular. They report 64GSPS and 25GHz instantaneous bandwidth directly into FPGA fabric (no JESD) which greatly exceeds any other competitors’ IC offerings on the market. I wonder what they will cost: if their high-end 8ch device is <$16K then they will annihilate the competition (I’m able to get $2K per channel for large multichannel direct RF systems 1Ghz instantaneous all the way up x-band)
muttled 59d
I see a lot of use of FPGAs in things like cutting-edge machinery, warfare, and stock trading. Are there any cool hobbyist uses of these things? Always game to learn a new tech.
snvzz 59d
That's some news because Intel hadn't in a while.

But IMHO this is is far more interesting:


This is a real contender from China. Not just some new cheap chip, but actually competitive with Intel/Lattice/Xilinx offerings.

snvzz 59d
I'll avoid these chips merely because they don't have support in the Open Source FPGA stack (yosys/nextpnr), whereas other chips do.
FullyFunctional 59d
The announcement is surprisingly lacking in architectural updates; it looks like the same Agilex on a new process. Has Intel killed innovation?

ADD: last time I witnessed something actually new and interesting: https://www.efinixinc.com/technology.html

whatever1 59d
Is it still very difficult for generic programmers to program an FPGA for their particular application?
honkycat 59d
I want to write an open source FPGA synthesizer so badly.