Memory Safe Languages in Android 13


psim1 11d
How is this exact dupe URL possible? See
codetrotter 11d
The git hosting for the code of that has a pretty cool website also.

The website is made to look like classic Mac OS. And instead of commit hash in the summary of the most recent commit on the top of the page, it says:

    Amendment 291 on November 19, 2022
Which is also fun :)

I like the idea of a code repository as being an ideally complete initial version followed by a number of "amendments".

mattrj 11d
I admire anyone who has created a BBS, but I don't understand this. Is it to better learn how to code in C? It is nostalgia? It looks like he spent part of a year on nostalgia. PS:
NegativeLatency 11d
Mac OS should be in caps
hexmiles 11d
Can someone explain what this line in the feature section mean?

Telnet brute-force IP banning by sending UDP packets to a firewall host