Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game


zkdev 13d
What is there to do in a small Swiss village with no shops?
ggambetta 12d
Peter Zumthor is one of my favorite architects <3 Therme Vals is just spectacular [0]. Zumthor is all about plain surfaces and 90 degree angles (maybe he used the Wolfenstein 3D editor to make his plans?) but somehow Therme Vals feels like being in an underwater cavern.

I don't know if I'd live in a house designed by him (although the author of this article seemed to love it). Might be too minimalistic -- thinking of the Kunsthaus in Bregenz for example. Of course this cabin is made of wood, not concrete. But in terms of a house that feels like a home, I'd go with Alvar Aalto; his designs ooze cozyness in a way that Zumthor's don't, and for a famous architect, they feel surprisingly pragmatic and sensible :)

[0] https://7132.com/en/therme/thermal-baths-and-spa/overview

galfarragem 12d
Architect here.

An analogy: staying in an (artist) architect house is like having a meal in a Michelin restaurant.

cassepipe 12d
I am disappointed there's no mention of energy management/insulation. Seems even more relevant for a high altitude cabin, living far away from civilization. What's its impact on its environment? For the price of the stay for a week, I would expect something clever on that aspect of the building.
cinntaile 12d
Pricey for a wooden cabin... 3100 CHF ~ 3100 euro for a week during low season for the 2 cheapest cabins.
snickmy 12d
For the architect / construction engineers out there.

I'm always a bit concerned where I see those wood projects I really wonder about two aspects:

1- thermal conductivity. How well isolated can they be when you have full beams of wood with one side outside and one inside.

2- durability. I really appreciate wood for SOOO many properties, but what is really the realistic durability of woods? from an ecstatic standpoint, from a maintance standpoint (do I need to regularly treat it), and from a functional standpoint (what happen with heavy duty use)?

Would love some inform opinion

huhtenberg 11d
In related news, the Villa Vals featured on Netflix Most Extraordinary Homes series (with a hobbit-like circular facade, dug into the steep slope with an access tunnel) is also available for rent


Also remote as heck, rented for several days at a time and with pretty much nothing to do there, but eat. Fantastic build though.

dpatru 12d
The cabin’s webpage is here: https://zumthorferienhaeuser.ch/m/en/homes/oberhus

It shows the floor plan.

michaelbenjamin 12d
beautiful pictures! sounds isolated but that's part of the appeal I guess. interesting that it isn't better known given how famous Zumthor is, thanks for your post!