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The ancient Persian way to keep cool



geniium 4d
I don’t see the paper talking about the efficiency of such buildings. I would be interested to have such info in there.
monero-xmr 4d
The ancients knew a lot. Also check out Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans.


These people were traders (capitalists) and built an incredible city in the desert. This was enabled by extremely efficient water harvesting (like in Dune) and by being extremely difficult to get to, making armies starve and die of thirst en route. It could be defended with a small force.

thwoeiruoi2343 4d
This is from the pre-Islamic Persia ? Wow. I'm surprised these survive. I wish newspapers were clear about the era instead of pussyfooting about the obvious.

For those not in the know, the Islamic Invasion of Persia was as brutal as it was in India - in fact, the natives were even forbidden from speaking their own language for many years, and the Zoarastrians were persecuted mercilessly until they slowly migrated out to India (and then once they established a 'special relationship' with the British in India, arm-twisted the Iranian Muslims to stop their barbarism).

Amusing that India is slowly devolving down this route too. Perhaps some 'moron' like myself will be whining endlessly about how the classical Indian civilization was destroyed by Indians in the near future, and the equivalent know-it-alls will be equally downvoting the comment. Ah, how history and futures rhyme.

That said, I'm happy all this survives despite the attempts at destruction (ditto with Christians across Egypt, Rome, Greece etc.)

devoutsalsa 4d
History With Kayleigh did a nice video on this about a year ago:

“Air-Conditioning Invented In 3100 BCE? Windcatchers Yzad”


papa-whisky 4d
Discussed at the time it was published: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28138844
cwillu 4d
wraptile 4d
This doesn't solve humidity issue unfortunately. Most hot areas around the world are also very humid and that's where air conditioneers with all closed windows/doors will be preferred. Open rooftops also pose a lot of challenges like water and smell leaking, animal invaders start to get in etc.

There was an article on HN recently how ceilling fan improves air conditioner performance and I actually seen a major improvement in my own house - it's awesome! I wonder if some architectural features like the one in the article could be somehow used with air conditioning to produce a similar effect.

entropicgravity 4d
Gophers have been using a similar but smaller system to keep their burrows flowing with fresh air for tens of thousands of years.
ReptileMan 4d
It is very easy to cool a city that is 1200 meters above sea level and with low humidity. I wouldn't be surprised if temperatures during the nights fall to 0C or below during the cold season. Any kind of evaporative cooling will work very well there.
easytiger 4d
> (With conventional mechanical air conditioning already accounting for a fifth of total electricity consumption globally, ancient alternatives like the wind catcher are becoming an increasingly appealing option.

The descent into religion. Denial that better modern solutions work at all. Acceptance than an old (before the gaze of modern criticism can fatigue it) technology is better because it is older. The fantasy that a problem exists due to the existence of man, innate in his original sin of taking breath at all. The legions now employed to drive these new dogmas is astounding. Lastly, abandoning reason, to presume air flow by convection is the same as cooling.

design-of-homes 4d
An aside: I'm struck how beautiful are the wind catchers. A form of beautiful architecture with a practical function, seamlessly rising up from many buildings.

More images via search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Yazd+wind+catcher&t=ffab&iar=image...

stevespang 4d
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