Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game


arglebargle123 11d
Well I certainly didn't have "Tumblr becomes culturally relevant in 2023 after adding federated content cross-compatibility with foss platforms" on my bingo card, but here we are I guess.
technojunkie 11d
This is great. Now, who can we contact to get this integrated into WordPress Core? I know there's a plugin but it'd be great to get something into Core.


donatj 11d
I misread Tumblr as Twitter at first and thought that was really interesting. Be really neat to make Twitter a one stop shop.
throwaway894345 11d
Does anyone know of any good writeups documenting the Mastodon/ActivityPub server-server protocol? Ideally a tutorial?
asddubs 11d
>Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg — whose company acquired Tumblr from Verizon in 2019 — suggested the user “come to Tumblr” as the site would soon “add activitypub for interconnect.”

I'll believe it when I see it

too easy to say this kind of thing in the hopes it will lure people in and get some press, and then to just quietly never do it and when asked about it again say "it didn't work out because of technical reasons"

ramesh31 11d
Mastodon will never scale or be performant because it is written in Ruby. Mark my words. We need a Golang or Rust alternative for ActivityPub to truly take off.
berjin 11d
This reminds me a lot of OpenID over a decade ago. The idea was anyone could use setup their own identity provider on their own domain and login anywhere. Unfortunately it became "login with google/facebook" which is a real shame. I hope sites don't restrict ActivityPub usage to only a few big players.
kuramitropolis 11d
Still no standalone ActivityPub client anywhere. Strange.
joshuanapoli 11d
Why is ActivityPub better than RSS?
Kye 11d
Can you imagine

You log into your Tumblr dashboard

All your friends on Mastodon making posts, your favorite bloggers on Write.as/WriteFreely instances, your favorite artists and photographers on Pixelfed

Mingling with the people you follow on Tumblr. And it's all neatly tied together through ActivityPub.

This was the original promise of the tumbleblogs Tumblr was inspired by. https://kottke.org/05/10/tumblelogs

I see people worry that it'll be quickly blocked the moment it steps on to the Fediverse. The matt in Automattic lived through the same decades of web and internet we all did. I hope he has the good sense to slow walk it and make sure Tumblr is a good citizen of the Fediverse rather than flipping a switch one day to open the floodgates.

valeg 11d
Tumblr's second wind. They seem to be on the right track.
alpb 11d
Anyone remember PubSubHubBub?
samwillis 11d
college_physics 11d
It feels like activitypub is the true web 3.0 or at least the start of a road towards it?

but is it too tied to "social" web platforms as we have come to know and dislike? I mean its got explicitly hardwired the concepts of "followers" and "liking" and all the inanity that this has unleashed upon us. Now of course these are just "words" representing underlying software functionality but the mindset of designers and the constraints or blind spots they embed on software plays a huge role.

consider the possibility that a more democratic / federated model of a broken concept will not deliver us from the social media fiasco.

stevenicr 10d
I am glad for this in general, but wonder how it's going to work and scale - given that tumblr censors more than twitter..

if activity pub is a two way thing - what it going to happen to naughty bits shared between the two.. comments and posts that are outside the allowed bounds of tumblr?

Will this be bot blocked? will there be a notice sent to the post-er and post-ee?

Very interested to see how this actually works, and how it works at tumblr.