Memory Safe Languages in Android 13


Robin_Message 13d
On a phone, I didn't like having to change rotation direction separately from rotating. And I don't always find rotation directions intuitive. So maybe a direct manipulation would be better?

Other than that, I enjoyed it.

hnfong 13d
Implement right click for the other direction?
bombcar 13d
This is nice. I just liked clicking to see the cat.
bbx 13d
I like the "Ideal number of clicks" criteria. Adds an additional challenge, and increases replayability.
boosteri 13d
I only ever got 90° rotation. The page mentions it should be random .. am I just that lucky?

Enjoyed the game though, nice and simple. And no hug of death yet, well done!

tsm 13d
Congratulations on the launch! It's a nice way to blow off some steam on a pomodoro break or while mulling over a bug
knicholes 13d
That was surprisingly fun! Thank you.
amadeuspagel 13d

It looks like it's always the same picture? It would be nice if you could play this with a random picture.

mattw2121 13d
Thanks for creating and sharing. I really like it. I would like a Easy, Hard, and Insane mode with increasing # of tiles.
badcppdev 13d
Nice and relaxing but I want to do another one now.

You could do a hex tile version as well

rouxz 13d
"Relaxing" and at the same time counting number of clicks right next to Ideal number of clicks doesn't work very well for me :(
throwaway_75369 13d
This was nice - I woke up in the middle of the night with some anxiety and insomnia and this was just what I needed; a dark background theme would have helped with the bright rectangle in my hand :)
drivers99 13d
Some of the squares are basically a solid color (not so much the cat picture but the previous ones I checked). I like to do jigsaw puzzles and one good thing about them is even in fairly solid color areas, you get a good confirmation by pieces fitting together well. Something to think about when selecting photos.
halftheopposite 13d
Really like the concept, and played it longer than I initially expected!

Shameless plug for a multiplayer puzzle game I created a year ago of which your game reminded me. Although mine has nothing relaxing as it favours competition. But rotating tiles of images is clearly checked.

mfbx9da4 13d
Yeah I find it relaxing to fill out CAPTCHAs as well (not)
s0teri0s 13d
This is nice. If possible, I would change it so that a left rotation happened on a left click and a right rotation happened on a right click; make scoring optional if you want it to be more relaxing.
vesinisa 13d
It's nice but could you make it so that the rotation direction can additionally be toggled by holding down shift while clicking? I find it very irritating to always move the mouse to the bottom left corner to select the rotation direction - especially since "every click counts".

Other than that, I first thought that some of the tiles should start with correct orientation but soon realized that would make this puzzle just really easy, because our brains are just excellent at seeing the correct image from just a few correctly oriented tiles I think.

ranting-moth 13d
Wow, this is nice. Love it!

Perhaps an option to hide the ideal clicks. If I was upset and using this to calm down (which I totally will!) it would just infuriate my messed up brain. But that's just me.

Well done!

zaphodias 13d
I had a computer game similar to this one like 15 years ago!

I can't remember the name but I think it came as a CD with some encyclopedia for kids or something like this. You unlocked a memory of me solving the puzzle of a picture of a shark :D

searchableguy 13d
Sorry OP but this triggers my captcha hell trauma on the internet using a VPN for privacy.
ldoughty 13d
I like it, but I will say I found 28 very frustrating... There's not enough detail in the picture to get the top row -- the entire row is basically 3 very similar colors, and there's no good hints... You basically have to determine the positioning by looking at the artifacting of the background.

The cat one was enjoyable though!

bambax 13d
Solver in 0 clicks:

    [...document.querySelectorAll("#game > div > div")].forEach(e =>"rotate(0deg)")
It doesn't win the game, but can at least save the "preview" clicks.
kriro 13d
Nicely done. Really enjoyed it.

Would be interesting if you combined it with DALLE-2. Either with a prompt at the top that generates the picture on the fly or just by curating some DALLE-2 pictures and using them for the puzzles (and maybe the prompt to generate it could be revealed as a reward).

gmiller123456 13d
It could probably benefit from an indicator that there's still work to be done. I thought I was done, but noticed a comment from someone else that they got confetti.
xivzgrev 13d
Agree on removing ideal click count.

Some pictures were hard to distinguish they still needed to be turned (like 95% mountain and a sliver of something else).

I’d consider making the background already in place - i find rotating the cat the most enjoyable. Lining up a cloud or shoreline starts to feel tedious to me.

yonrg 12d
Absolutely, this was relaxing and fun

23 Nov 22 31/29 clicks

larsonnn 12d
It’s nice. But I would love it more without competitive features. Maybe you can choos if you want the relax or competitive mode.
CobrastanJorji 12d
I like how well this specific picture works for this puzzle. The coastline lines up perfectly with a square border. The cat's face is sideways. The two steps are the same color, so the rotation could be in one of two possible positions. It makes it just tricky enough to make the right answer not immediately obvious, but it's not so hard that there's any chance for being frustrated. Plus, it's a kitty.
spikenilan 12d
Very cool. I made something kinda similar a while back but never got around to publishing it. I think mine is overly complicated and I never got around to writing a tutorial but you can check it out here:

NotMyBestWork 12d
I really enjoyed this, it was indeed relaxing. Do you grab any statistics on how well people do? I was hugely over, but only because a few of the 'difficult' squares were wrong.
iandanforth 12d
Perfect on first try. I will now never play again to maintain my overspin rating of 0.
Blammar 12d
Am I missing something? I completed a picture with two rotations left, and nothing happened. I was optimal in the number of rotations (always 1 or 2 rotations.) I checked I was right by clicking the eye. The cute cat just sits there...
permo-w 12d
it's really nice. one suggestion I would have would be to make the gap between the squares variable. it would be easier if it was thinner or not there
permo-w 12d
presumably you could hook this up to stable diffusion and have infinite levels
arrty88 12d
24 Nov 22 57/33 clicks
mpetrovich 12d
Really fun! This inspired me to create my own version of the sliding-tile puzzle game that I used to play as a kid:
qroolen 12d
really interesting the effect on short-term memory when you click to reveal the completed image (principally when you have a good chunk set already)! i loved it

also, as everyone probably, right-click to rotate counterclockwise came intuitively real quick in thoughts...

jefozabuss 12d
Epilepsy warning: if you finish it you might have a page refresh bug where it constantly keeps refreshing (with flashing content) the page - for me it was solved by clearing localStorage (or just close the page I guess), I think this bug needs to be fixed ASAP.
ashishb4u 10d
Love the concept, well done.

I was slightly annoyed at the dog puzzle, while i tried to rotate the boxes which contained just grass and a lot of bokeh. I guess picking the right pictures is really important.