Factorio runs on Apple Silicon


Agent766 4d
The classic tetris scene has been crazy lately. Rolling (the name of the new strategy) allows players to easily play past the "kill"screen of level 29. Classic tetris matches are becoming endurance matches and we're seeing new records broken left and right of highest score and highest level in both PAL and NTSC versions. For Classic Tetris World Championships they're considering adding a second killscreen by editing the rom to limit the length of matches.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hcZ1tNwvlc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2r0fIQ3RI4

aendruk 4d
I’d describe it as thrumming on the back of the controller. Then on the front when you hover a finger over a button, the button presses the finger.
c22 4d
This is cool. Towards the end he shows how using all the fingers of his hand to play the piano creates a similar "rolling" motion. I consider the ease of this "inward stroke" motion when I'm creating passwords I will have to enter often and I do find it saves me some time (and I suspect reduces opportunities for shoulder surfing).
totetsu 4d
Hyper tapping needs 12 taps a second? that's crazy. I just tried on https://skill-test.net/tap-speed-test .. at 8.8 clicks/s on my trackpad I feel my veins popping.
taneq 4d
Oh wow, a core memory unlocked. Way way back in the day, I remember seeing some of the older kids playing Hyper Olympics by sliding an empty drink bottle back and forth over the 'run' buttons which was apparently faster than just pressing them.
simlevesque 4d
aGameScout is a pillar of the community.
an_aparallel 4d
looks like a variation of a crab scratch used in turntablism - which requires a suitably lubricated (with teflon wd-40) fader rail.

Pretty damn awesome :)

crtified 4d
For further context, try yourself playing NES Tetris at Level 18 speed - the slowest starting speed used in high-level competition.

It looks very easy when they do it. Almost relaxed and lazy. I'll leave it up to you to find out exactly how easy it is, or isn't. :)

And the speed escalates a great deal from there!

simple10 4d
Wow. I had no idea Tetris was still a big competitive sport. Makes me want to dig out my old NES and give it the technique a try.