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cactacea 13d
Did someone just reinvent Yahoo as it existed in 1994?
adrianhon 13d
More context in this announcement post!

peter_l_downs 13d
This looks like a really cool project, excited to browse through over the holiday break. Just submitted my art blog (, but realized I don't publish an RSS feed. Will have to address and resubmit.
the-printer 13d
This is cool, shout out to all the directories and lists and aggregators.
asicsp 13d
Reminds me of which used to have a way to list recent blog posts (but couldn't find a way to do so now).

This one has categories and filtering options, nice! Random is good to have (see also

boplicity 13d
The combination of good categorization and high-quality curation make this a very interesting project.

Curation, combined with good categorization, is sorely needed in today's internet.

The solution of "search" (aka Google) just doesn't cut it if you want to discover the best publications in a topic area.

I hope this project takes off!

unglaublich 13d
Humans aggregating what they think is useful for other humans. That is the internet of the past, and hopefully of the future.
LoganDark 13d
Instinctively typed "furry" into the search bar and got no results. High quality!
snapcaster 13d
Site is down :(
tiffanyh 13d
mellosouls 13d
Current curation rules:

- Every blog must have an RSS or Atom feed.

- Newsletters aren't included. Some sites are a blog and a newsletter, with identical content, but only those which mainly seem like a blog are included.

- Only blogs updated within the past year or so are added.

- Tumblrs are only included if they’re either focused on a specific topic or feature original content.

- Link blogs are only included if they include original commentary about each link.

- No blogs promoting hate speech, denial of climate change, anti-vax ideas, etc.

rchaud 13d
Time is a flat circle, eh?

But all kidding aside, web directories should be much more powerful now than in the 90s. Websites have RSS, and directory websites should be able to automatically monitor things like uptime, and leverage RSS to preview a site's most recent post.

I've considered maintaining my own directory on my personal website (a one-way webring if you will), but always stopped because the sites I linked to either died, or were acquired and became something very different.

xeeeeeeeeeeenu 13d
It seems that blogs can only be assigned to a single category. What about sites that are dedicated to more than one topic?

Nonetheless, this is a really cool project!

robga 13d
It reminds me of DMOZ ODP days.

Ohh.nostalgia (archive)

AndrewStephens 13d
More of this kind of thing, please. Any boost privately run blogs get is a welcome respite from the walled gardens of most social media.

I am just sad that my very unfocused blog doesn't really fit into any of their categories.

kepano 12d
I love to see this. The death of blogs and RSS is highly exaggerated. The idea that Google "killed" blogs by killing Google Reader is a meme that is more destructive than Google's act in itself.

There are countless healthy and active blogs that you can read via RSS. There are great RSS reader apps.

For us technically-minded folks we need to keep being proactive about helping people read the web via RSS, improving discovery, and continually making RSS a first-class option on sites we build.

WallyFunk 12d
Bookmarked. Will revisit.

Anyone else notice everything old is new again? Neocities[0], Marginalia Search[1], Project Gemini[2], etc

There's many others I'm forgetting, and new ones popup on Hackernews each week.

Is this just basic nostalgia, people wanting to recreate the dial-up days or even BBS days?




s3000 12d
This is the best thing for RSS in a long time. What I miss though for RSS streams is commenting. 'Nobody' reads the articles on link aggregators. In a way, RSS is a link aggregator that limits its user base to the ones who read and don't comment.

I am wondering what will happen if RSS readers find a way to share comments on posts. Maybe ActivityPub makes that possible.

The only service of which I am aware that allows for comments on RSS is . Are there other approaches to bring comments to RSS streams?

Maybe can use ActivityPub to allow commenting and voting on the entries. Comments on HN are great to check for problems with an article. That should also be true for comments about entire blogs.

piperswe 12d
I've been working on something sorta similar, just focused on general websites rather than just blogs:
davedx 12d
Not OP's first rodeo. I was exploring his website and found on his first web directory, from 1998!
felipelalli 12d
I miss directories. The hard part is to keep it up to date and delete unreachable sites. Also flag the inactive ones. I don't know if this site does this.
CrypticShift 12d
Many of you surely remember Technorati. It was one of the first popular RSS blog aggregators. was it a directory too? I forgot.

Nowadays, I find Feedly topics a good place to explore RSS sources. I believe it is human curation, so it is kind of a directory too (though less "indie" and not restricted to blogs). You can sort by Followers (=popularity) and articles/week.

b1nj0y 12d
I'd like to recommend TabHub:, you can read rss in new tab.

Also there're tools that helps you to create rss feed for sites which have no rss feed: