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AI Music Generator



ipsum2 12d
Does anyone know how it works? Sounds decent, kind of generic. Maybe generated from MIDI directly?
KinkySumo 12d
Not a music producer but I have been using this service since launch for some of my projects. Fairly user friendly I think. Although new genres have been added, older ones haven't changed much in terms of variety of melodies.
mike_h 12d
Not AI, at least not for the composition process. It algorithmically combines a library of loops using genre templates:


kahon65 12d
Lol. Each Time I see such software, it's for paid. Where are open source and open data geek guys? Imagine this software or Spotify for free and open source and distributed whereas centralised.

Come on geeks

IndySun 12d
How do Soundraw know for sure the auto-generated music is original and therefore royalty-free? So not close enough to an already released, copyrighted, piece of music.
alberto7 12d
The generated music didn't match my specification. Style wrong, instruments wrong.
blensor 12d
I've used soundraw.io and aiva.ai The first to quickly get some background music the latter to generate more original music (although harder to configure you can also edit the resulting midi directly)

It still will not replace an original composition but I can totally see a Dall-E, StableDiffusion, Midjourney moment for music on the horizon in the not too distant future

owlbynight 12d
Sounds worse or on par with most stock/royalty free music. It's interesting that you can actually hear the absence of a soul.
damsta 12d
All those AI songs sound like they are straight from sample packs previews. I am sure that in a few years we will get a real AI music generator, where you can enter a prompt like "a rock song with Freddie Mercury's vocals and lyrics about space".
Garlef 12d
Hm... That central element on the main page looks like it's an iframe displaying an error message.
failrate 12d
These never have options for heavy metal :(
zfxfr 12d
This reminds me of Magix Music Maker "automatic song compositor" I forgot the exact name, but It was a function inside their software that would automatically compose a song following some settings you could choose (like which genre and sample asset you could wanted). It was not AI though.
IAmGraydon 12d
Something I’ve noticed when programmers try to break down melodic composition to an algorithm is that they don’t grasp how important the beat or the implied beat is to creating catchy melodic phrases. Good melodies have a question/answer or a phrase/reply relationship with this beat. It’s a conversation. All memorable music has this feature. The kick asks a question and the snare answers. The kick/snare ask a question together and the harmony answers. The harmony asks a question and the melody answers. This is what differentiates sound from music.

AI generated music has promise, but their creators have got to get this. If you’re generating a beat, harmony and melody in isolation linked only by tempo and key and then sandwich them together, you’re doing it completely wrong. They are part of one another and can’t be created in isolation or with weak interaction.

zone411 12d
It's a pretty hard problem. I'm about to run a Mechanical Turk survey comparing 10 melodies I've created together with my AI assistant to hit melodies: