Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game


throwawaaarrgh 11d
I love the design, but it just seems mostly abandoned. Maybe it needs better marketing?
debarshri 11d
Stackstorm has been around since 2014 [1].

Rundeck is another closest competitors that worth mentioning. Things have evolved a lot in the ops space since then.

With advent of container orchestration of the operational automation pieces have also moved to the orchestration layer. There have been quite some new tools in the space I have been tracking for instance Fylament [2] which got acquired by netapp, blinkops etc. Post rendezvous with this domain, some bigger problems most of the major framework tools like this have is that, it is very hard to get started. There are lot of pre-requisites given the nature of the ops automation, this leads to a problem where it is very hard to active a customer. Secondly, these frameworks are always competing with it is bash/python script deployed with some container orchestration or some cronjobs. I have also seen people write CRDs and reconciliation loops in k8s doing lot of the tasks these automation frameworks would do.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StackStorm

[2] https://www.netapp.com/newsroom/press-releases/news-rel-2022...

lgas 11d
This is interesting. It's like IFTTT for ops. The list of adopters is intriguing too. I poked around their blog for a few minutes and it seemed to be targeted more at people who have already adopted StackStorm. It would be great to be able to read some success stories from the people using it.
candiddevmike 11d
If you're looking for a similar, commercially supported product, checkout RackN Digital Rebar: https://www.rackn.com. Similar concept, vastly easier deployment/HA/GitOps/multi-tenancy story.
linsomniac 11d
I played around with StackStorm maybe 5 years ago, but in the end I decided to use RunDeck instead. https://www.rundeck.com/. Used that for a few years but ended up abandoning it, but am thinking about resurrecting it, it was pretty good.
nyellin 11d
Nice to see this on here.

I founded a startup that does something similar for Kubernetes:


We've seen a bit of StackStorm too with our users!

kinow 11d
I tested StackStorm sometime ago to confirm you can have cycles in the workflow graph: https://kinoshita.eti.br/2021/10/01/cyclic-workflows-with-cy...

I work with climate and weather workflows, where cycles in workflows are common (ecFlow and Cylc are popular tools that support it).

Haven't checked in a while but I expect StackStorm's Orchesta engine to have even more interesting features now.

zyphr 11d
Red Hat is working towards a similar feature for anisble automation platform.


marcrosoft 11d
I wouldn’t trust any tool that claims to have anything to do with security that has a curl pipe to bash install advertised.
v3ss0n 11d
How it compares to:

- Prefect.io

- Apache Airflow

- Ansible Tower