Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game

Show HN: AI generated puzzles from Wikipedia articles



actionfromafar 11d
I suppose the answers could be fed back into the model, to better learn what prompts actual people expect corresponds to a generated image.

doodle:ai - Game #24 - 3/5

don-code 11d
I'm deeply reminded of MindMaze, which shipped with old versions of Microsoft Encarta in the 90s. While I'm sure the questions were canned and not programmatically generated, it behooved you to go read up on the subjects that it was being asked about, using none other than Encarta itself.
Konohamaru 11d
This is an extremely fun game. Thank you!
directionless 11d
In a different vein, https://www.redactle.com is a fun wikipedia game
lee101 11d
this is awesome! i made a conversational 20 questions with ai game https://www.addictingwordgames.com/play-game/20-questions-wi... that mostly shows off how easy it is to build AI/text generators with https://text-generator.io

the supposed game there is to get it to admit you are right about what its thinking, but theres lots of meta games you can play with it and break out from it.

i was thinking some bartering games with characters/making money running a shop type game would be awesome, so much endless useful potential for games/apps to be able to talk to a real life like character.