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Show HN: FIFA Interactive Bracket (World Cup)



snapdaddy 11d
Hey Cole,

I think the site looks great and is very useful. The one suggestion I have would be to add a bit of space to everything to give it some breathing room.

These are the changes I made: try them out and see what you think.

body { padding: 10px; background: #f0f0f0; }

#groups { grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, minmax(350px, 1fr)); }

.group { padding: 10px; margin: 4px; }

.group > span { margin: 0 20px 20px 0; }

.gmatch { padding: 6px 0; }

alzaeem 11d
Love it. But one suggestion, which I’ve been looking for, is to fill the knockouts bracket based on the current group standings. That’s a great way to build up the excitement
boomboomsubban 11d
A solid replacement for my standard sports site, Wikipedia.

And wow! A real page view counter, with under 2000 hits so far! I feel like a kid again.

edit it might be nice to clarify the time zone used in the games.

ernestipark 11d
This is great. One huge nitpick with sports stats and standing sites these days (even Google’s which are pretty clean) is the lack of info density. I just want tables with little padding showing me all the info I want without page refreshes. This is exactly that.
lavventura 11d
It would be nice if the date of the upcoming matches also shown.
matt_daemon 11d
Really nice. Every football scores site or app I've tried is either so buggy or stuffed full of ads it's virtually unusable.
siquick 11d
I’ve been a football fan for nearly 40 years and have never heard the term Bracket related to the game - what does it mean?
neighbour 11d
Huge fan of projects like this. It is a very straight-forward way of presenting the entire competition.

Nice job.

kome 11d
wonderful design.
awb 11d
Great project! Would be interesting to see tie breaker information too. For example, Uruguay and South Korea tied 0-0 but Uruguay is listed 2nd in Group H ahead of South Korea. Maybe because Uruguay had 1 yellow card and South Korea had 2?
jerojero 11d
This is great!

Just a few thoughts: It could be good to add a `X` a kind of close button to the pop up when you click on a match. It's not entirely intuitive where to click to close it if you're on mobile.

On that line, when you double click on a match (or double tap to enter full screen) it looks very bad on mobile.

This is a very useful website! Thanks.

harry8 11d
I'll totally use this unless it gets trampled to death. "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"

Event list for match #8 is not in chronological order according to the timestamps. Did you mean it to be? (Entry 4 shuffle up to should come first, then 3 second and the rest seem ok)

petesergeant 11d
The wailing and gnashing of teeth if KSA continue to top their group will be intense
bentinata 11d
Have never followed soccer/football, I find it weird that it doesn't have something like Liquipedia.
savingsPossible 11d
(I am sorry, I really don't mean to detract from the fun, but worker solidarity is also very important)

Could you include a link to amnesty international reporting the slave-like conditions of some of the workers that built those stadiums?

e.g.: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2016/03/qatar-wo...

culopatin 11d
Did it die? I only see a gray screen on iPhone
ncann 11d
There seem to be some errors in the console:

- After page load: [Vue warn]: Error in render: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')"

- When hovering over a match: [Vue warn]: Failed to resolve directive: if-else

fvilers 11d
Very nice, but it would be nicer to use [Intl.DateTimeFormat](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Refe...) to format dates as we are not all used to the American way of formatting.
mtlmtlmtlmtl 11d
This is perfect! I've boycotting any official broadcasts. I want this WC to be a disaster(it has been the whole time, but I want the Qatari state and FIFA to feel it), but I still vaguely care about the results.
zarzavat 11d
Suggestion: if a match is less than 24 hours in the future but it happens to be after midnight, show that as e.g. “1am” or “1am +1” because from the perspective of the user those are the same “day”.
devracca 11d
This is great! I have been trying to find a way to scrape information about tv channel schedule in different countries e.g UK, US. Would it be possible and helpful to add something like that?
tacker2000 11d

But would be also good to show the actual tables and not just the points, maybe even updating live during the matches, since in most cases the points are not the single thing that decide the outcome, but also goals scored, goal difference etc.

farindk 11d
Nice. But please check your data source, it might have a bug. For example: Group E, Germany <-> Japan. End result 1:2, but the game details list 2 goals for each side.
hit8run 11d
Can you also do a FIFA interactive corruption tracker?

Like an animated visualization of their corruption and money flows that is easily to extend in the future because there’s a lot more to come.

blitzar 11d
When the group stages are all over, please flip the brackets to the top, and tables to the bottom for less scrolling!
skc 11d
Iran and Wales are playing right now, Iran had a goal disallowed but the match summary records it as a goal (even though it correctly shows that the game is still 0-0)

So minor bug.

fakedang 11d
I hope that once the group games are done with, the bottom games chart is switched with the top groups chart.