Ask HN: How do ADHD people cope on here?

I love HN. I check it out basically for hours every day, for the past 5 years or so.

But, HN is utter hell too… it’s worse than my addiction to The Guardian.

I see so many topics I’m interested in, so many cool projects, so I bookmark them. Then I see more and bookmark them too. There’s a never ending number of things I bookmark.

But the constant reality is that I will never ever be able to do all the things in my brain. It’s a severely frustrating and depressing fact I feel faced with every day. A world of highs and disappointment.

But I’m totally addicted because there’s just so much new.

Anyone else with ADHD feel this way or have a healthier outlook about HN?



@stared 6d
> There’s a never ending number of things I bookmark.

One of the key features of ADHD is a never-ending list of things to do. Edward M. Hallowell (who wrote "Driven to Distraction") remarks that perhaps it is the most characteristic feature of ADHD.

Previously, browser crashes saved my sanity— killing dozens of open tabs with fascinating articles.

Now I try to let it go. In a Zen/stoic way, knowing that nothing will happen if I don't read something. This list is an illusion, as there are orders of magnitude more exciting stuff on the Internet.

Another approach I use is "write it down". In this sense, I add to bookmarks (here I am a diehard fan of Pinboard), but NOT with the intention of "read it later", but "if I want to find it again, I know where it is". So I have a cake and eat it too - no "wall of links of shame", and no anxiety that I might have lost a life-changing link.