Show HN: Infisical – open-source secrets manager for developers

Two months ago, we left our jobs at AWS and Figma to continue building Infisical.

It is an open-source end-to-end encrypted tool that helps you manage developer secrets across your team, devices, and infrastructure.

During the previous Show HN, we got a lot of useful feedback which we’ve been iterating on A LOT!

In the past month, we’ve been pretty much working 24/7, and we added: - Integrations for Vercel, Netlify, GitHub Actions, Render, and - Public API - User activity logs - Point-in-time recovery and secret versioning - Custom environments - Kubernetes operator ( And made lots of other performance improvements both on the frontend and backend.

Our repo is published under the MIT license so any developer can use Infisical. The goal is to not charge individual developers. We make money by charging a license fee for some enterprise features as well as providing a hosted version and support.

In the coming weeks, we plan to add features like key rotation, alerts, and secret groups - as well as continue adding more integrations.

Give it a try (! We’d love to hear what you think!

Main website: