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farukaydin 10 months ago

Show HN: Automatisch – Open source workflow automation, an alternative to Zapier

automatisch.io 317

Hey, HN community,

We're so excited to share Automatisch with HN finally. Automatisch is an open-source workflow automation tool, an alternative to Zapier. Together with my co-founder (@barinali), we have been working on it for about 15 months and have started getting early adopters.

Automatisch is a workflow automation tool that lets you connect different web services like Slack, Github, Twitter, and more to automate your business processes. For example, you can build automation that gets all new tweets, including the "open source" phrase, and post them to the Slack channel you specified. You can adjust the services and steps depending on what you actually need to automate in your business.

Even though some existing cloud solutions do the job well enough, we still wanted to build an open-source and self-hosted alternative to those. Because it allows you to store your data on your own servers, which is essential for businesses that handle sensitive user information and cannot risk sharing it with external cloud services. This is especially relevant for industries such as healthcare and finance, as well as for European companies that must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can see the available integrations here (https://automatisch.io/docs/guide/available-apps). We currently have limited integrations but are constantly working on adding more and enhancing the existing ones. You can also request a new integration by using GitHub discussions: (https://github.com/automatisch/automatisch/discussions/categ...).

You can use the following links to check it out:

Website: https://automatisch.io Docs: https://automatisch.io/docs GitHub: https://github.com/automatisch/automatisch

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback, and if you like what we are doing with Automatisch, please give us a star on GitHub.


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