Kanboard: free and open source Kanban project management software



@ochoseis 7d
It’s more GTD than kanban, but I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of this stack:

- radicale as a caldav server with calendars per context, like @Writing, @Chores (https://radicale.org/v3.html)

- todoman for cli tasks (https://github.com/pimutils/todoman)

- iOS reminders for mobile

Everything syncs, and because it’s standards based it’s portable if a little clunky.

There’s also Vikunja, but I didn’t like it as much when I tried it last year. https://vikunja.io/

@willsmith72 7d
What I really want is a way to get a Pivotal Tracker-looking board in JIRA. Jira for the extra features. Things I love about tracker: - vertical view of the backlog - automatic timing estimates based on velocity - add deadlines and get automatic feedback on how you're going towards it

For some reason I can't get this same clear board with a pull flow in jira.

@unintendedcons 6d
Looks nice! What is the data format it saves? I'd love this to be simple markdown textiles underneath
@i-use-nixos-btw 6d
I hadn’t heard of Kanboard, but it’s always a good sign when a FOSS project shared on here already has an associated Nix package!


I look forward to trying it out.

As the project is in maintenance mode (also a good sign - it has completed its objectives and doesn’t look to go crazy with new features etc) I wonder how receptive the project is to stylistic changes. Subtly rounded corners, a bit of a gradient, and a bit of padding and the cards as shown on the screenshots would look a million times better (to my very subjective eyes).

@asimjalis 6d
I couldn’t find the instructions in the website for how to use it or install it. Can anyone share?
@babuloseo 6d
Kanboard just works, and doesnt distract you with shiny new "features", I will definitely start using the docker and it again internally. It's just so lightweight.
@dools 6d
When I was evaluating open source Kanban recently I found WeKan had the closest REST API compatibility with Trello:


@beanaroo 6d
I can also recommend https://www.focalboard.com/
@ourmandave 6d
Seesh, everybody's got there own favorite Kanban project.

Maybe instead of a "To-Do List" code example (the successor to "hello world"), every new language or framework should have a "Kanban" sample project.

@legends2k 6d
Surprisingly no one has mentioned nullboard (https://nullboard.io/preview) yet. Just a single file JSON to carry around the entire board.
@theosp 6d
In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to mention a project I'm working on, called JustDo.com . We've been developing this enterprise-grade project management and planning tool and have seen validated product-market fit with some Fortune 500 companies.

We believe strongly in the power of open source and we're preparing to go 'Open Core' by this summer (See Community Edition in the pricing page to see what will be Open Sourced). Our intention is to give back to the community and enable more people to benefit from our tool.

If anyone is interested in exploring more about JustDo or participating in our open-source journey, I'd be more than happy to chat or answer any questions you might have :)

@ihti_ 6d
Hey, you might want to check out Rootspace (https://github.com/clearview/rootspace). We just recently released it as open-source, although it was an internal project for a long time.
@ketzu 6d
Whenever I tried software-kanban tools they always fell into the abyss of things-not-currently-in-my-head and end up unused. I ended up making physical boards, either in a small part of my whiteboard at uni or by getting a small whiteboard for myself. Having it physically present and physically limited in space, just makes it so much easier to work with ... for me that is.
@nojs 6d
I love Focalboard in this space. All data is stored locally, and it is simple and works beautifully.
@bravura 6d
Is this intended for single devs or also for small teams?
@frowin 6d
We use Kanboard in our institute, but its UI/UX is among the worst I've experienced. It's reliable, but extremely unintuitive, causing people to avoid using it. However, it has potential.