Whistleblower drops 100 GB of Tesla secrets to German news site

Whistleblower drops 100 GB of Tesla secrets to German news site



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Gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss

The official policy to deprive customers and victims of information as much as possible is shocking from the standpoint of being flagrantly, cynically customer-hostile to the point of probable illegality, but it's right out of both Musk's normal playbook and that of his erstwhile colleagues at e.g. Paypal

For me, cars cross a very key danger threshold, which I express like this: "I am trusting my life to this device by using it. I must trust that it will not malfunction". We are in an era where cars have computer overrides, so that standard needs to be applied to the security and reliability of the computer inside. We are also in an era where computers sold by corporate robber-barons (IE most major corporations) will routinely not merely malfunction, but explicitly, intentionally betray the interests of their end-users for increasingly marginal gains for the company

Even if you trust the company that sold your car's computer, do you trust their security? All their employees? When we are putting computers in devices, like cars, where them operating as expected is life-or-death, those computers need to be auditable by independent experts and controllable by the end-user. To be clear, that unambiguously refers to the person or persons trusting - with their lives - that car operating safely and responding to their commands. We need to mandate open-source, user-owned computers in devices this dangerous, period.

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IMO Tesla would be better if they focused solely on making good EVs, rather than also trying to become the leader in self-driving.

I get that they're trying to create a wider moat against their competitors, but if their self-driving software are found to have systematic failure modes in them as these internal docs seem to suggest, then that could very well do more harm to their reputation in the long run.

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How different is this from any other similar sized companies behaviour?

This site doesn't seem that impartial. From a linked article on Tesla:

> It’s also worth noting that the above email was sent after 2 a.m. Pacific, which isn’t specifically relevant to the faked video. But it does make it look like Musk is a loser with no friends or anything else to do other than work. Loser.

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"Is your data also in the Tesla files?" (German ) - https://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/industrie/leseraufr...
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I avoid driving anywhere near Tesla’s, especially tailing them. Phantom braking is not okay.
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Unfortunate thing for Tesla is we have the Affective Fallacy where if we like Tesla we overweight its benefits and underweight its errors.
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I didn't see the actual data or a link or anything to how to get it, but why on earth would it be 100GB? That seems fairly large if it's just tallying accidents and such.
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And this the real risk of alienating a group, they’ll retaliate when they no longer feel aligned with you. Even if they’ll work for you, they won’t have the same allegiance/loyalty they had before.
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They Musk open sourced tesla patents 9 years ago: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/blog/all-our-patent-are-belong-y...

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Can someone link to the source article? It is paywalled
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Its my understanding that the vendor that they were buying LIDAR from was either slow paid or never paid - and then cut them off. This is when LIDAR became less important in their marketing spin and they said that they do not need it.
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The conman has already moved on from FSD to humanoid robots that can currently spread their legs with the help of 2 other people holding the robot. It’ll keep the hype up for another decade or so, and by that time there’ll be another wave he’ll masterfully ride on.

Thunderf00t points to an interesting interview of karpathy where he says (truthfully) that when he joined Tesla, the cars couldn’t even follow the lines or something, yet at the same time the scam king was promising coast to coast self-driven rides. See timestamp 16:48 of the video below:


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Is it just me, or are these numbers almost low enough to be labelled positive PR?

> The Tesla files contain more than 2,400 self-acceleration complaints and more than 1,500 braking function problems, including 139 cases of unintentional emergency braking and 383 reported phantom stops resulting from false collision warnings. The number of crashes is more than 1000. A table of incidents involving driver assistance systems where customers have expressed safety concerns has more than 3000 entries.

Out of millions of cars? And for the entire time Tesla’s been making cars?

I’ve watched YouTube videos of a SF Tesla driver who submits one or two reports every video (autopilot wasn’t aggressive enough, or failed to navigate a complicated turn, etc). Are each of those counted in the 3000 safety concerns?

I can’t even fathom any other car manufacturer having lower numbers.