Times New Bastard

Times New Bastard



@fsckboy 4d
I'm not sure if the serif-icity is the jarring part, I think it's the different point size (or whatever that word is for the horizontal height lines that fonts live within).

I'm curious why type/font technology hasn't developed for variation in letters, where a handwriting or printing typeface (or "Ransom" :) could vary the letter "a" so all the "a"'s don't look alike, the same as happens irl.

@graypegg 4d
How does this work? I thought ligatures were just different glyphs stored in the font that would replace some number of other individual characters. Does that mean there’s a ligature glyph for every combination of 7 characters?!
@ForOldHack 4d
Give me a font name that will offend more than 97% of the population, like !@^$-!@$!@$-!&%^!@-(*&!-BOLD.
@zerocrates 4d
You get this experience the natural way still when fonts don't include a character and the specified stack doesn't have a good fallback.

I still see it on newspapers' websites when they're using a custom font and the headline contains an accented character.

@globalise83 4d
Now everyone knows which font to use to write passive-aggressive notices for the unknown flatmate who keeps leaving mouldy food in the fridge.
@orhmeh09 4d
Note that the title of the page is not "Times New Bastard" but "weiweihuanghuang/Times-New-Bastard: It's Times New Roman but every seventh letter is jarringly sans serif", which I had edited down to "Times-New-Bastard: Times New Roman but every 7th letter is jarringly sans serif".
@yarg 4d
The biggest problem with this is that it's too obvious, if you really want to fuck with people it should require more effort for them to tell what's wrong.

An insidious little niggle that grates upon the mind.

@m463 4d
This seems to be a font where every character has a serif, but G and T do not.
@arrakeen 4d
who needs a font when fontconfig will gladly do this for you by default
@ChrisArchitect 4d
@bonyt 3d
Neat. By a strange coincidence, I made something similar yesterday in a script to make each letter in HTML into a different font. I wanted to see if it would end up as an OCR-proof font:


An example: https://tmp.tonybox.net/chbgr.htm

Rasterized and OCR'd: https://tmp.tonybox.net/ocr.pdf

@cyanydeez 3d
A virus whose only payload is to replace times new Roman with this
@Tao3300 3d
This font looks like it wants to sell me some organic Cialis.
@nunez 3d
By god, what have you done.
@motohagiography 3d
It reminds me of lawyergrams, where the language is constructed to antagonize and threaten while still being logically and legally specific and correct - a kind of ransom note with airs. I'd wonder if some white shoe firm has gone to the trouble of commissioning an in-house font based on similar design principles to this Times New Bastard, just for that purpose.
@chavesn 3d
Those sans-serif spaces tho...
@ybc37 3d
Reminds me of Hellvetica. Unfortunately, the website is gone, but the Internet Archive has saved us this gem:


@qwezxcrty 3d
One can get a similar, extremely ugly effect if one is reading Japanese text rendered on a Chinese language system.

Many kanjis in the Japanese text will default to the glyphs in the system Chinese font. However, the kanas as well as some kanjis are not included in the Chinese font will be rendered with a failback font, frequently in a very different style.

@Aeolun 3d
This is some massive abuse of ligatures. Did they just cover every 6 letter combination? Or do ligatures somehow get to count characters.
@91Jacob 3d
Guys don't worry just set every seventh letter to Times New Roman!
@richardanaya 3d
Nihilism in typography
@lloydatkinson 3d
I didn’t know fonts would be capable of figuring out how many had been typed in order to swap the 7th regardless of which character it was, even with ligatures. That’s kind of crazy.
@anonu 3d
its a trojan horse - dont use it. AGPL license means that if you use this anywhere in your code you will need to make that code open source.
@anonzzzies 3d
I don’t know if it’s a thing, but I often say I have font blindness; I don’t see the difference in fonts. If I can read it, it is text and I have to really stare for ages to see what’s wrong in this case. I would happily read a book with this font and not notice anything wrong, let alone it being jarring.

Edit; same with the hellvetica example; I have to consciously stare and think to see it’s not normal; I can read it, so my brain doesn’t give two shites about the font, spacing etc.

@birb07 3d
See https://github.com/Born2Root/Fast-Font for a bionic font using font features as well
@tariqrauf 3d
| Using it on the Web:

| text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;


this is poetic, event potentially art

@z3t4 3d
It's surprisingly legible.
@contrarian1234 3d
The developer has a great personal webpage:


great trollin' :))

@shreyshnaccount 3d
my father was a centurian, you see. his name was naughtius maximus...
@DubiousPusher 3d
I've never built a font. I had no idea you could do something procedural with them like this. I always assumed they were just a bunch of glyphs in a file.