ea016 26 days ago

PhotoRoom (YC S20) Is Hiring an API Designer in Paris (Node, Rust)

(PhotoRoom's CTO here)

TL;DR; We're looking for a seasoned engineer who has experience building easy-to-use public web APIs with Node.js

Our goal: allow anyone to edit images by typing an URL. Think of it as PhotoRoom-in-a-box, where the interface is an URL

For instance, you can call: https://beta-sdk.photoroom.com/v2/edit?background.color=blue... and get your edited image back. (here it's missing an API key)

The first version is live, but there's so much we want to build: text editing, new AI capabilities ("turn that t-shirt from red to blue") and so much more

About you: our main requirement is that you have a track record of to use and scalable.

Our stack: Node 18 deployed on a serverless stack. Ideally you'd have a lot of experience in Node/TypeScript but that's not a strong requirement if you can adapt to best practices quickly. We're sharing a lot of the rendering code with our apps (in Rust, C). While you won't have to dig into that part of the stack you'll be able to if you're curious

You'll find more details in the offer here: https://jobs.lever.co/photoroom/29260c53-a84f-4d4f-a322-3bdc...

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