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Show HN: Presentations for your webcam, not a projector

CueCam Presenter is my Mac app (actually a suite of Mac and iOS apps) to run better presentations on your webcam.

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I came to create CueCam as an "embedded entrepreneur". I had some success with my camera app "Shoot Pro Webcam" back in 2020 and built on this by creating squares.tv.

As I talked to more and more users, I discovered more opportunities to make their lives easier. I started with features in Shoot (camera options, pausing, drawing etc..).. Then I created Video Pencil (which connects to your computer and lets you draw on your webcam using your iPad). Then I created "Beat Sheet" which lets you run through "smart scripts", controlling Ecamm Live, OBS and mimoLive.

CueCam Presenter is how I'm connecting all these elements. It gives you a virtual webcam, virtual mic, and seamlessly connects to Shoot and Video Pencil running on other devices. There are various ways you can use it as a teleprompter while maintaining eye contact.

It's taken a lot to get it to this stage. The video pipeline has been through two major iterations and the audio pipeline even more. The UI has evolved and developed to cover the different ways it is understood by different people.

Educational discounts are a must for me, as I want to help improve the quality of remote teaching around the world. For other professionals, I believe it transforms the way you interact with people on video calls. It's useful for recording software demos and running live streams.

Zumi Article summary

The linked article is about CueCam, a virtual camera and microphone software for Mac that allows you to bring content into your video calls without sharing your screen. It provides a status bar menu where you can share any picture, video, app window, or connected camera with a single click. Moreover, it features advanced live video software without any complex configurations and smart scripts to plan and run webcam-ready presentations. Additionally, it comes with best practices for live video and audio, and you can share documents, videos, images, and music. You can use your iPhone as a camera and teleprompter, and iPad as a telestrator. It also provides different use cases like sports coaching, sales call, architecture design, etc.

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