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Show HN: Oration (iOS) turns pdfs into audiobooks

Show HN: Oration (iOS) turns pdfs into audiobooks

Hello HN community!

I'm excited to introduce a project I've recently launched: Oration, an iOS app designed to convert PDFs into audiobooks. This idea was inspired by my experiences as an engineering student with ADHD, struggling to engage with dense academic papers. Relying on Text-to-Speech tools, despite their robotic quality, was a workaround for me and others with similar learning preferences or challenges, such as Dyslexia.

Recognizing the limitations of existing tools—difficulty with complex formats, inability to skip over citations or footnotes, and inadequate handling of tables, graphs, and figures—I developed Oration. Our goal is to refine these areas continuously, offering both summarized and full versions of PDFs for a more accessible learning experience.

Oration aims to serve as a high-quality, user-friendly platform for auditory learners and those who find traditional reading methods challenging, with features akin to popular audiobook apps like Audible or Spotify.

How Oration Works:

    1. Download the app and sign up using either a username and password or through Google, with a 2-week free trial that doesn't require a payment method.
    2. Upload a PDF document.
    3. Within about 5-10 minutes, you'll receive a notification that your Audiobook is ready.
    4. Listen to your Audiobook directly in the app or through a browser-based web player, which also facilitates easy sharing with friends and family.
Also, to emphasize - all audio generated by the user is yours to own! We're working on some updates to easily export .MP3 files of Oration Audiobooks you create

For an example of how the web player looks and functions, check out this link:

I believe Oration can significantly benefit those who prefer or require alternative learning formats. We're committed to enhancing the app's functionality and user experience, so feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Thank you for considering Oration, and I hope it proves to be a valuable tool for you or someone you know.

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The linked article is about an innovative platform called Oration that transforms complex academic PDFs into accessible audiobooks for researchers, academics, and students. The platform has an AI-powered feature that automatically generates summaries tailored to the user's field of study, making it easier to absorb academic content efficiently. The Oration app is available for download on iPhone and Apple Silicon-powered Mac for a unique reading and listening experience. The platform is free to use for the first two weeks, and the monthly pricing plan costs $8.99 USD. The article contains testimonials from satisfied users who claim that Oration has been valuable in their research and studies. 83
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