Chubak-PDP11 18 days ago

Show HN: Mukette, a Markdown Pager for Unix-Based Systems

Show HN: Mukette, a Markdown Pager for Unix-Based Systems

I really apologize if I am submitting this twice. I am new to these fora. I just discovered Show HN. The other thread did not have Show HN so it did not get any traction. This is a useful little tool so I guess people will like it. You're eithre like me, and do all your work in the terminal emulator. If they literally replace my displays with a VT100 I won't complain (but have to watch Youtube on my phone -_-). The other kind of use is someone who uses X (I know emulators are X too!) extensively, and only often needs to use the terminal This can be useful for both groups. Imagine you wanna read the file of a repository. This happened to me what I wanted to read PackCC's REAMDE. And I had to do a pipline from Pandoc to Philadelphia! This nifty little tool will page the markdown file.

I want to improve it in the future. I have made some leeway to adding more features to it. I want people to execute the code listings (in a safe environment) by navigating to them. It's all right these in the code, I just got tired of picking at this like an old wound and releassed it.

It's been rand through ASAN and Valgrind. Some errors were fixed. If anything remains that I missed please tell me. I always initialize pointer ssto NULL so it should not complain much?

Anyways thanks. 12
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