hadiaz 16 days ago

Show HN: After 3 months, I'm finally getting some interest from B2B customers

We launched HeyCloud about 3 months ago, and almost immediately got our first beta customers.

However, most customers are individual developers/devops building small cloud infras. 60% of them use it for learning purposes (mainly learning AWS for now).

I always thought HeyCloud is more suitable for B2B customers, with limited devops resources and actual complexity in their infra. This is where I think the most value we can provide is.

It was until recently, last week, that some B2B companies (mid market cos) started subscribing to test it. My guess is they found me via my newsletter https://heycloud.beehiiv.com/

Tbh, I'm still not sure which path to pursue: stick with individual developers, niche down to educational features, or still shooting for b2b customers.

Will write updates here though ...

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