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"Accelerationism" is an overdue corrective to years of gloom

"Accelerationism" is an overdue corrective to years of gloom
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The linked article is about the rise of the e/acc movement in the tech industry, which encourages more growth, competition, and action by counteracting the fear and caution about the future that many people in the tech industry have developed. While the movement's founders admit that they are not entirely sure what they are advocating for, they believe that the tech world has become too focused on AI safety and effective altruism, both of which emphasize risk avoidance over action. E/acc encourages builders to embrace unfamiliar territory and identify concrete plans for the development and stewardship of emerging technology. The movement is best understood as a cultural mirror that reflects a shift in sentiment across many subcultures of builders who think that tech has more to offer the world than overfunded software startups.

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