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Show HN: ChatGPT for your Database. a new way to interact with structured data

what it can do for you lately:

let's say you work at uber. uber probably has a database with a bunch of rides data in it. it probably has a rides_fulfilled table, a users table, a drivers table, and a whole lot more tables but just imagine it was that simple for now.

let's say you are in charge of the Atlanta geo and you want to summarize the drivers / riders / financial performance of your city on Superbowl Sunday.

before chat ur data, you'd probably login to the corporate bi tool, change some filters on a dashboard, take some screenshots, go to the next dashboard, take some more screenshots, write an email talking about how much your team crushed it this year and how the game going to overtime helped spread out the demand for pickups over a wider time span (which gave your drivers more time to get on the road), attach the screenshots even though they might not be able to totally reinforce your storyline at all, and send it to your boss who's probably the GM of the Southeast region.

after chat ur data, you send a prompt to your AI Assistant to analyze the data for you compared to the last 3 Superbowl days and summarize it into highlights and lowlights, plus action items you want to implement for the next big event day.

the AI will run some queries on the rides_fulfilled table filtered to your geo, join it to the users and drivers tables to find interesting trends by those dimensions, identify the positive and negative trends, and make some charts that help to visualize those trends + summarize the storyline. while you watch the halftime show a few more times because Usher is your hometown favorite and you're nostalgic for the early 2000s.

you review the storyline + charts, maybe tweak it a little bit, and then send it 14
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