panqueca 15 days ago

Why isn't everyone using code workflow platforms when creating new applications?

One of the biggest challenges I've seen in any large company is that applications become complex over time. And it becomes even more difficult to analyze, plan, fix bugs, and optimize the system when the codebase is very large, no matter how well organized it may be.

In my view, a great alternative would be the use of workflow tools, which have a graphical pipeline where teams can follow each step of the process along with its respective input and output, in a visual interface.

I see this type of design as an evolution of how software is developed, but I don't see a wide adoption by companies/startups when they are starting to develop their applications. What I see is the same old recipe being repeated infinitely, new project = microservices + cloud.

Note: to give examples of such tools, I will mention two that I found on the awesome-workflow-engines list on GitHub. - Apache Airflow - temporal(dot)io

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