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Show HN: Health XChange – Own Your Health Data, Earn Crypto

Hey HN, I'm Hari, a digital health consultant turned entrepreneur. My co-founder Sri and I are tackling a huge issue: hospitals and insurers profit from your health data without compensating you. Introducing Health XChange, our solution to give ownership and profits back to people - and democratize access to life-saving health AI.

In the US, a significant portion of healthcare data is monetized by third parties. We're changing the game by compensating you for sharing your insurance data, securely and anonymously. Join our beta to be among the first to earn rewards through our future token launch!

Beta Highlights:

Privacy-Centric: Fully HIPAA compliant, delete your data at any time

Be an Early Shaper: Influence future features, including Health AI developments

Compensation for Your Data: Earn points now, get rewarded with token airdrops later!

Sign up with referral code 4C0BI38S for a points boost!

Eligibility: Open to US residents with Medicare, Medicaid, any Medicare Advantage plan, Kaiser Permanente, UPMC, or Anthem insurance

Dive into our whitepaper and join the beta at Let's redefine health data ownership together

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