knr2345 15 days ago

Show HN: Swift Mail, a native macOS app for JMAP mail

Hello HN! I'm excited to share Swift Mail, a native macOS email client purpose-built for the JMAP mail standard.

Primarily constructed with SwiftUI with occasional AppKit elements, Swift Mail combines the speed and efficiency of a modern mail standard with desktop-centric features such as system notifications, keyboard shortcuts, quick look, multiple windows, state restoration, dark mode, and more.

Swift Mail distinguishes itself from other email clients with its steadfast commitment to the JMAP standard over the traditional IMAP implementation, facilitating seamless alignment with modern mail features. It supports various innovative Fastmail features, such as multiple sending identities, the ability to send or reply on-the-fly from wildcard (*) aliases, and the ability to swiftly transition between (true) label and folder organization schemes.

Swift Mail prioritizes user privacy and does not collect any user data or function through intermediary servers. Instead, it directly connects to the JMAP server with the user's provided account credentials, processing and storing all data locally on the user's device.

Currently, Swift Mail is available directly via the Mac App Store with support extending back to Monterey. I’m also running a developer build on visionOS (if you have hardware and are interested in testing a beta release, please reach out to beta at swiftmail dot io).

A sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed their valuable insights or participated in beta testing via TestFlight thus far.

Looking forward to your feedback!

- Karl 25
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