Show HN: Me and my buddy made $20 with a Stripe link and a Tweet

Hi there,

So a buddy a couple of days ago came up with the idea for a new SaaS product regarding gpt and image generation.

We did a quick MVP that barely works, it breaks almost 50% of the time but we still wanted to validate the idea before going all in.

We have almost 1k followers on Twitter together. Did a quick post describing the idea with a stripe link in the comments with a 5$ value, no landing page, and no shipped product. In exchange, the buyers become beta users.

Around 30 mins later we got our first sale next 30 mins another 5$ and so on.

Do we consider the idea validated?

The short answer is no, We gained some initial momentum but we can't call it a business yet, not until we are starting to get recurring revenue.

What next?

We created a notion file with multiple marketing channels we plan to test out and see which one is the best.

We also created a list full of websites to submit our product and we are tracking the traffic we are going to get from each of them.

PS: If you are curious, this is the product




It's an interesting idea that you might be able to make some money off. Getting anyone to spend any money on your product is difficult - I would not consider the idea validated, but you know at least a few people have that need. Now you need to figure out if more people have that need and if you can profitably reach them.

Check out for more info on running these micro businesses. In my personal opinion though, I think this business might be tough to make decent money on. I think there isn't much defensible, and if you get too successful, you will get a hundred competitors over night. But there are many examples to the contrary like the guy who has been running the store locator saas:

Either way, best of luck!



Thanks so much for the feedback, I think I will do part time freelance gigs to support my living until I get enough mrr to exit, it may be wishful thinking but i hope for a 6 figure exit aka 2k mrr (i am in 12th grade and can't get a job).

I am getting skeptical about this, it seems to be very hard to scale, at least for me.