Show HN: Hyperboot – Run Linux distros on your Chromebook

Show HN: Hyperboot – Run Linux distros on your Chromebook

Greetings, HN community!

I'm excited to introduce Hyperboot, the spiritual successor to the Eupnea project's Depthboot, designed to simplify the process of running Linux on Chromebooks.

A brief background on Hyperboot: Recently, the Eupnea project's developer announced the discontinuation of the project. This news left me and several others deeply disappointed. Determined to keep the vision alive, I initiated the Hyperpnea revival project for Depthboot.

I'm here to address any inquiries or feedback you may have. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts!

Looking forward to engaging with you all.




Just to clarify, this requires Dev Mode and will still show the "Press Space to wipe device" screen on boot?


Most of the links on the repo's landing page point to and return 404 (e.g. supported devices).


thanks for the heads up! i've updated the links in the readme to point to the right urls now.