Tell HN: Google Nest Wifi locks existing features under telemetry opt-in

A few years ago, I bought a couple of Nest Wi-Fi routers for my home network. All was good until a couple of days ago when the routers got their firmware forcibly upgraded.

I used to have a bunch of DHCP IP reservations set up which are now all gone. And guess what? You can't restore them unless you enable both following privacy settings:

1) Nest Wifi cloud services. Nest Wifi uses cloud services to provide peak performance, useful network insights and help when you need it. Nest Wifi stores and analyzes data about your entire network and devices.

2) Wifi router and point usage stats. Automatically send anonymous Wi-Fi feature related usage statistics and crash reports from all Wifi devices in your Wi-Fi network to Google in order to improve Google's Wifi products.

Apparently, this is not exactly new, I found an amusing thread about this very issue from over a year ago: I guess I'd just never bothered with the firmware updates, a behavior that seems not acceptable anymore.

Just to summarize: a router has a built-in feature that was paid for, a forced software upgrade breaks it until you "voluntarily" allow Google to spy on you and your network, and everything indicates this is not a bug but fully intentional.

This shit must be illegal. Fuck you Google.