Show HN: A Discord bot that creates multi-server text channels




This is pretty interesting, there are definitely scenerios where I can see this being useful. In terms of user moderation, is the iea that mods from either server can moderate messages coming from users irrespective of their home server? Also, I noticed a "Manage Subscription" link at the bottom but no pricing, what is your pricing model?


Hey thanks for checking me out.

Right now user moderation is only allowed from Admins of the Server who created the tunnel. They can ban a User or a whole server. I plan to allow for linked servers to “mute” users or an entire server from having their messages relayed to their side of the tunnel.

You’re right, the subscription just got rolled out last week and it’s my first time trying to offer a premium service. So i’m still learning how I should advertise that on the site.

Our free plan offers a Discord server the ability to link or create 3 tunnels. If they create a tunnel, they are limited to 6 servers per tunnel.

Our premium option, for $3/month (or $25/year) you get unlimited tunnels, connections, and realtime analytics about your tunnel.

I appreciate your interest!


Sounds good! Thanks for the information.