Derek Siver's shell script for tech independence




This bash script is the real Proof of Work.


It's ksh not bash.

It's only for OpenBSD 7.3 on

It should only be run in the context of the steps at

I was trying to help non-technical people experience the empowering joy of having their own server, so instead of the usual "you could do this or that, here or there", this is a single-track "just do this".


Ok, I've bashed that part out of the title above. Thanks!


     7 if [[ $(id -u) -ne 0 || $(uname) != "OpenBSD" ]]; then
     8     echo "must be run as root on OpenBSD"
     9     exit 1
    10 fi

  * sets up your server
  * secure SSH and firewall
  * private encrypted storage
  * web server
  * file server
  * secure TLS certificate
  * maintenance scripts to keep it secure
  * calendar server
  * contacts server
  * email server with IMAP
  * free email sending via Mailjet
  * SPF + DKIM DNS to secure email
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Cool background - Derek created CDBaby back in the day.

Cool dude. Check out his interview on the Tim Ferris podcast for context on why you might want the tech independence this script enables


Starts at 24 minutes here:


I've read for of his books, which he sold in a package deal for cheap last year.

And he's working on a new one:


IDK, I think an important part of the process is the act of doing. You more deeply understand what is going on.