Ask HN: What do you think about Apple's report to the “Mother Nature”?

During the iPhone launch event, Apple had a dedicated section on a meeting with Mother Nature. I personally know people who liked it and someone who hated. So curious what's HN crowd felt about it?




Very loud signaling. That will resonate with some and turn off others. I'm in the second camp. Saying you're planting "forests" not just "trees" is ambiguous hogwash. The faux-impressed response by the Mother Nature actress made it even cringier.


Very cringy. I am sure there are a lot good things Apple is doing on the matter, but that segment was super cringe-worthy in its delivery. And needlessly long.

edit: I don't mind the loud virtue signaling, I just think its delivery was incredibly bad. Opinion.


That wasn’t for the customers. That presentation was there to justify having ESG funds be heavily weighted in Apple.


It really feels like the company Steve Jobs built no longer exists, if only on a cultural level. I really cannot imagine Jobs signing off on something so cheesy.


Steven Sinofsky had a good post about it:


> At the same time, every fact or position put forth is a strategic, margin-positive, and innovative effort from Apple. Super important.

Really? How is planting forests and using green energy margin-positive?


I liked it.

I mean I'm cynical, as in I think it's all purely for profit. Sustainability is important because they're one of the biggest producers on the planet and they have to make sure they don't run out.

Startups don't think about the future, they're just happy to graze on everything to become a unicorn until there's nothing to craze on. The world is a battlefield as far as they're concerned. They don't even need to bury the bodies, just win. I'd bet these are the ones feeling insecure.

Sustainability is basically Apple's runway too now that they're swimming in money. Basically the price of everything non-sustainable will keep going up.


I don’t mind hearing about the company’s initiatives, but I don’t need a 30 minute segment on it. Feels like a time killer because they’re lacking true innovation.