A Line at a Time: The Atari 2600, Now with S-Video



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The Atari computers (except the 400) had S-video from the very beginning, and the JVC-made Commodore 1702 is a great match for them because it has separate luma & chroma inputs.

Interestingly, LaserDisc players, the best consumer video medium until the late '90s, mostly didn't have S-video outputs because the luma & chroma signals were mixed on the disc; providing a separate output for each wouldn't have gained you anything.


OT: there is a comment [1] by one NonNefarious which seems to have been killed instantly (dead 7 minutes after posting). The comment itself seems to be relevant, free from the sort of claims and/or language which tend to get comments killed on this site but is was still killed. Checking this user's comment history [2] it becomes clear that all his comments in the last 11 months have been killed. The user has positive 'karma' so this is not the cause of his comments' untimely demise. What is the mechanism behind this killing spree? Is this an example of shadowbanning (which this site is not supposed to employ according to Dang), does someone have it out against this user and put a flag/downvote bot on his account?

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=37571450

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=NonNefarious




Looking at the profile, the user was banned by dang on 2022-10-07 for "repeatedly breaking the site guidelines" in the comments for the submission "JetBrains Ring UI". It looks like what precipitated this was the user made a bunch of user-flagged comments starting with the evergreen "why is this on HN" and then arguing with the people who replied, eventually calling them 'shills' and 'children', at which point dang replied indicating that the account was now banned.


It happens pretty often, a lot of accounts are penalized for not being sufficiently devout to HN guidelines. You'll find most of their comments are fine, even helpful. But, have a bad day, an unpopular opinion, or be rude once in a while and your account will be penalized, whether by automated rules or targeted by moderator.

Another example: One day dang didn't like one of my comments and my account has been saddled ever since... I can't post more than three times per three hours or so. Otherwise it says "slow down!" If it told me ahead of time it would be OK, but it waits until I've written a lengthy post, only to lose it on submit. :D :-/




I get hit by this as well, so I just comment less, which is probably the intended result.


I have RGB modded my Atari 2600 with the Tim Worthington mod mentioned in the article. It’s one of the easier RGB mods in the retro games hobby scene. If this kind of thing sparks your interest, check out retrorgb.com where they’ve cataloged the video modding options for most older game consoles.


I recently acquired a CRT with component and S-video in and went on a minor bender snatching up cables to improve video quality. I've only considered 90's consoles and beyond, but I may have to step backward to fill out a few older consoles. I may focus on the Colecovision, which has a module that plays Atari 2600 games (quite controversial at the time). There's also a USB-C power adapter to replace the giant fragile power brick.


Somewhat OT, but I think that it's really unfortunate that North America got a 60 Hz TV standard, but didn't get the SCART Connector that makes RGB or even S-Video just natural. Composite video is one of those unfortunate mistakes in history, even though it might've been perfectly reasonable back in the day :( And even S-Video seems like a rarity in the US.


I really can suggest the Atari 2600 CleanComp. It is a PCB directly soldered at the pins of the TIA chip. No internal wiring needed! You get composite AND s-video from it and the video quality is just superb. I am not related to the Atari 2600 CleanComp guys. Just a happy user. :)