Show HN: I made a CMS for Astro content collections

Show HN: I made a CMS for Astro content collections

I like writing content in Markdown and I enjoy Astro very much. When I tried out Astro's content collections feature, I couldn't stop wondering how would a nice packaging look for it, which would smooth out the rough edges around Markdown in static websites.

So I made the app that I can enjoy when writing posts on my Astro-powered blog. It's been saving me a ton of time already.

I don't need to:

1. Edit in iA writer then paste into VS Code. 2. Google YAML date format. 3. Generate Unix timestamps to prefix new files with. 4. Copy paste images and write down their URLs manually. 5. Peek at collection schema to remember which frontmatter fields am I supposed to fill out.

Because it's exclusively made for Astro, it can integrate deeply with it and support Astro-specific features and conventions, like where images need to be stored or how to reference entries from other collections in the frontmatter.

Also, this app has the coolest name of all my projects - Darkmatter.

If you own or work with an Astro website, Darkmatter can be the content editing tool that makes you want to write again.