Ask HN: Is Svelte a good choice for large-scale apps?




There was a big discussion about Svelte recently, here’s one of many comments that may be relevant:

TLDR: Svelte is like Rails, lots of magic to do pre-ordained stuff quickly. If it can do everything you need your UI to do it will be very productive. But if you have UI requirements that don’t exist in Svelte (or Sveltekit) out of the box, you may be better served by a more primitives/toolbox-based framework like Solidjs.


Thank you, I'll take a look at that!


I do not agree with other comments : I'm happily using Svelte in a very specific webapp with a lot of pages : forms, validation and datagrids with complex search queries. I use zero external UI components : if something missing, I can build it in Svelte quickly. It's simple, predictable and ... just works.


Svelte bundle size supposedly grows faster than React, you may want to check out comparisons in case that's your concern.


Large scale is all about the back-end, not the front end. Svelte is fine for the front end of any website.

But React is more popular and if you want to actually make an app, you could consider react native and reuse a lot of your code.


The largest company in the world chose it[1]. So I'm sure you wont have a problem with scaling:



It depends on your requirements. It's not about small vs large scale.